I often refer to my grandma on my mother’s side as “Yolanda, my Diva Grandma”. This is not because she is arrogant (she is not), and it is definitely not because she was once a famous pop singer (she wasn’t), but because her unique style and love for sparkles, feathers, and the color pink carries on well into her old age.

Yolanda has a cedar closet filled with custom-made jumpsuits and dresses that would make Jackie Onassis and Cher envious. My sister and I once counted 82 pairs of shoes, all the same classic pump style but in varying colors and patterns. When I whined in frustration that my sister found a pair of gold pumps, it only took two minutes to find the exact same pair in another box; many pairs were backup for when the first pair wore out.

Her true decorating skills are most apparent during the winter holidays, especially on Christmas, her favorite holiday. Every year she picks a color theme, and she does not deviate from the theme. The Christmas tree will match the bathroom mats and towels, handmade table ornaments will decorate each surface in the house, and pink plastic cutlery will replace her regular silverware.

While her favorite color is pink, she has been known to experiment with colors like purple or combinations like black, white, and silver. Within past few years I started documenting her decorations, and while my grandma, Yolanda, prefers to not have her photo taken, I’ve used the limitation to try and depict her personality through her decorations. Welcome to Yolanda’s home.